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White Fusion needs high humidity and regular spraying. Scientific Name: Calathea lietzei. Plant Type: Perennial; Plant Size: Up to 2 feet; Water Needs: Once a week; Sun Needs: Indirect sunlight; Arguably one of the most stunning variegated indoor houseplants is the Calathea White Fusion. Many leaves have white marks and light shades of pink.

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16. Fuchsia 'La Campanella'. bunmi. Botanical Name: Fuchsia 'La Campanella'. The semi-double blooms are small to medium, with white tubes and pinkish-white sepals, while the corolla starts as purple and fades to light violet as it matures. 17. Pink Octopus Bellflower. Botanical Name: Campanula 'Pink Octopus'.

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Keep the soil moist but not soaked. To check the moisture content of the soil, you can use a moisture meter (available from most garden stores) or stick your finger into the top 2 inches (5cm) of the top layer of soil to see if it's dry. If the top 2 inches (5cm) are dry, then it's time to give the White Princess a little drink.

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Normally grown as a potted houseplant, nerve plant (Fittonia spp.) is a spreading evergreen perennial with delicately veined, deep-green, ovate leaves. Although the most popular vein color is silvery-white, you can also readily find varieties with veins in red, pink, white, and green.

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12 pink roses to grow. Pink-flowered dahlias. Pink tulips to grow. Best pinks (Dianthus) to grow. For a cool-toned, herbaceous border, combine pink flowers with white, blue and purple-coloured blooms. For something more vibrant, combine dark pinks with dark blues and orange flowers. Browse our list of pink flowers to grow, below.

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Best Pink Flowering Houseplants. 1. Six Angled Kalanchoe. Botanical Name: Kalanchoe hexangular. A popular pink flowering houseplant, Six Angled Kalanchoe is cherished for its unique, angular foliage. It blooms with clusters of petite, vivid pink flowers that contrast strikingly with its green leaves. 2. Variegated Kalanchoe.

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Frittonia, or Pink Nerve Plant, is named as so because of it's amazingly patterned pretty pink and green foliage that resemble nerves. This plant has a trailing habit and prefers bright indirect light. 9. Polka Dot Plant. Polka dot plants have colorful speckled leaves in colors of pink, red or white.

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Beautiful Types of Pink Flowers. 1. Abelia (Abelia) Abelia is a genus of hardy flowering shrub-like plants that belong to the honeysuckle family. They're prized in gardens for their sweet, fragrant scent and attractive clusters of bell-shaped blossoms that range from white flowers to pink in color.

Pink Flowering Bush Free Stock Photo Public Domain Pictures

The Hoya 'Krimson Queen' is a variegated cultivar of the wax plant Hoya carnosa.Also named Hoya Tricolor, the Hoya carnosa 'Krimson Queen' has thick waxy leaves, typically with three colors—pink, creamy-white and green variegation.The colorful leaves on the Hoya carnosa variegated Tricolor grow on long, trailing green or pink vines.Its attractive variegated characteristics make the.

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Plant Zone: 8-10. Amarcrinum is a genetically engineered perennial based on an amaryllis flower and a crinum. The result is a beautiful pale pink flower that is a hardier version of amaryllis. The amarcrinum will outlast most winters and provide a lovely, lily-like bloom all summer long.

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21. Polka Dot Plant ( Hypoestes phyllostachya) Hypoestes phyllostachya is a leafy, flowering, evergreen shrub native to Madagascar and belongs to the Acanthaceae plant family. These little shrubs can grow to be about 12 inches tall and wide and produce pointed, oval leaves that are heavily spotted with pink markings.

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Stromanthe Triostar (Stromanthe sanguinea) The Spruce / Anastasia Tretiak. The variegated leaves of the Stromanthe triostar are stunning. A mix of white, green, and pink can be seen around the entire leaf, front to back. These plants are native to the rainforest so you want to put them somewhere that is warm and humid.

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Best Pink Indoor Plants. 1. Pretty Pink Caladium. Image Credit: Reidrow. Botanical Name: Caladium ' Pretty Pink'. The leaves have a rich hue of pink that enhances the overall appeal of the plant! Other gorgeous pink varieties are Caladium' Pink Splash,' Caladium' Thai Beauty,' & Caladium' Florida Sweetheart.'. 2.

Pink Flowering Bush Free Stock Photo Public Domain Pictures

At first, arrowhead plants usually grow upright for a few months, but they'll eventually start to develop trailing stems (you can prune these back at any time to help keep the plant compact). As the leaves unfurl, they can become a subtle green, white, silver, or pink-leafed plant. Size: Up to 3 feet.

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Soil pH: 5.5-6.5. Orchids' delicate look and beautiful blooms have made them a popular houseplant for decades. They come in a variety of colors including, of course, pink. The most popular pink orchids are the phalaenopsis, dendrobium, cymbidium and vanda cultivars.

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Numerous plants showcase an array of vibrant pink colors in their foliage. Some of our favorite pink indoor houseplants include Arrowhead Plants, Aechmea Bromeliad, Rex Begonia, Pink Princess Philodendron, Pink Calla Lily Plant, Polka Dot Plant, Mosaic Plant, Anthurium Tickled Pink, Calathea Tristar, Tradescantia Nanouk, and Fittonia 'Pink Forest Flame', and also many types of succulents.