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Tomme is a name given to a family of cheeses originating from the French Alps and Switzerland, with Tomme de Savoie being a notable variety produced in the Savoie region of northwestern France. This particular cheese is made from raw, skimmed cow's milk, and its flavour profile undergoes seasonal variations based on the diet of the cows, whether winter hay or summer grass.

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Tomme de Savoie, a cheese hailing from the French Alps, is a culinary treasure that perfectly encapsulates its native Alpine terroir. This upland variety of Tomme cheese is made from raw, skimmed cow's milk, a process that lends it a unique characteristic. After the cream is drained to make butter, the remaining milk, containing 20-40% fat.

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The first word in the name, "tomme", is a generic term. This French word applies to wheels of cheese produced in the French Alps. Imagine going to a meeting with a bunch of people all named Bob, and the confusion is obvious. Tomme de Savoie is a specific cheese or "Bobs" being named after the village it was produced aka "Bob of Savoie."

Worcester Tomme Vermont Cheese Council

Tomme style cheese is known as being one of the best cheeses produced in the Alps in Switzerland. It is traditionally made into a round cheese on the same farm where the milk is produced. It's also called tome, toma as well as tomme cheese. It's distinguished by its circular round shape, the earthy brown inedible rind and intense nutty flavor.

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The creation of Green Dirt Farm in Weston, Missouri, Prairie Tomme is a testament to the rich, fertile soil and the pastoral elegance of America's heartland. This semi-hard cheese, with its earthy undertones and a hint of nuttiness, is an homage to the traditional Tomme cheeses of the French and Swiss Alps, but with a unique American twist.

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Tomme de Chevre has a uniquely flavorful profile that is a true delight for cheese lovers. It possesses a slightly sharp and distinct taste that is characteristic of goat cheese. The flavor is often described as nutty, with a hint of fruitiness that adds a delightful complexity to its overall taste profile.

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Tomme. Tomme ( French pronunciation: [tɔm] ), occasionally spelled Tome, is a class of cheeses produced mainly in the French Alps and in Switzerland. [1] It can be made from cow's, ewe's, or goat's milk. [1] Tommes are normally produced from the skimmed milk [1] left over after the cream has been removed to produce butter and richer cheeses.

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Tomme can be a style of cheese, a cheese that tastes a certain way, a cheese that is small and rustic, or, as Point Reyes says, a cheese that "made by a farmer.". If the answers to 1, 2, and 3, are yes, you definitely have a tomme. But here in cheese land, we honor what the cheesemaker intended. If a cheese is just 2 or 3, we'll call it a.


Tomme is a cow's milk cheese from Weirauch Farm & Creamery. It is aged for 2-6 weeks, during which it develops a mild, milky tang and a semi-soft interior. The cheese pairs with both sweet and savoury, especially when melted atop Fresh potato dishes like Aligot. Accompany it with full-bodied wines, mead and dark beers. This cheese is USDA Certified Organic by CCOF.

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Tomme de Montagne: A rustic and aromatic Tomme cheese made in the French Alps. Tomme Crayeuse: A semi-soft and buttery Tomme cheese with a natural rind and complex flavors. Exploring different varieties of Tomme cheese can be a fun and educational experience, allowing you to discover the nuances of flavor and texture that each variety offers..

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What is tomme de Laguiole? Tomme de Laguiole (tome fraîche) is a mildly-flavored, unsalted French cheese that is often used in aligot, as well as other dishes that call for large quantities of melted cheese, such as patranque, rétortillat, truffade, and gratins.. It's the first stage in the manufacturing of cheese from the area, a process which involves firmly pressing the lightly.

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Style Highlight: Tomme-Style Cheeses. A tome, toma, or tomme is a kind of petite, round cheese made on the same farm from which its milk is sourced. French cheese lovers tend to associate tomme-style cheese with its circular round shape, earthy gray-brown rind, and intensely nutty taste. Despite all the similarities, there's tons of variety.

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Tomme (Tome) is a generic term for a group of cheeses produced mainly in the French Alps and Switzerland. Usually, Tommes are cheeses produced from skimmed milk after removing the cream to make butter and full cream cheeses. As a result, they are low in fat. Cheeses belonging to this class adopt the name of their place of origin, the most famous being Tomme de Savoie from Savoie in the French.

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Tomme is both a type of cheese and a generic term that is used to describe a flat and round cheese with a grayish natural rind. Tomme cheeses can be made with any type of milk and are produced in France, Switzerland, Canada, Italy, and the United States. There are many types of tomme cheese, each its own kind, and most are named after the place.

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Use Tomme in place of cheddar in your favorite mac and cheese recipe. Use Tomme for potatoes au gratin. Make a crowd-pleasing pimento cheese spread. See below for our favorite! Pimento Cheese. 8 ounces fresh shredded Cumberland or your favorite savory Tomme cheese, grated with a food processor or hand grater .

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Tomme's buttery, semi-soft texture is a no-brainer for anything that calls for cheese. You can make macaroni and cheese out of Tomme, Melt it in a grilled cheese sandwich, Bake it in the oven, and serve it with crackers, Or you can shred it up and make Aligot…. At first glance, Tomme is simply a crowd-pleasing alternative to cheddar.