The Love Actually Drinking Game you need to play this holiday season

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Six: "Chicks" Whoever identifies as a "chick" or a female gets to drink. Seven: "Heaven" The player who picks the card puts their hands in the air, as do all other players; the last to.

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Love actually is all around, especially when you're drinking with your best pals. This movie drinking game is based off of the classic British rom-com, and will probably get you very, very drunk. The game suggests to eat Christmas cookies while you play and I recommend these easy recipes. 7. The Hocus Pocus Drinking Game


It's the queen bee of drinking game movies. The rules: Drink every time someone refers to Africa. Drink every time someone says Regina George's full name. Drink for every mini-skirt. Go sip.

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I was inspired by a link I found through BuzzFeed:'d been want.

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Love Actually (2003) Drinking Game Drink When

Embrace your inner alcoholic this Christmas and play along with this drinking game centred around the iconic yuletide bop 'Love Actually' which I low key sto.

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BARMAGEDDON 11 p.m. on USA. Drinking games like keg curling, beer pong and flip cup are not just for college house parties anymore. Blake Shelton and Carson Daly are bringing the fun to Shelton.

The Comprehensive "Love Actually" Drinking Game

This "Love Actually" Drinking Game Is The Best Time Ever. See someone in a turtleneck? Drink up now, please. Let's just settle the debate now and declare that Love Actually is the best Christmas.


Buzzfeed posted their version of the Love Actually drinking game earlier this week. But as my friends and I perused the list, we decided that we could do way better, that you probably wouldn't even get drunk with theirs, and that we should definitely make our own. We borrowed a few keepers from them, but the large majority of it is original.

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Only one thing could make this movie better: The 'Love Actually' drinking game. The drinking game consists of rules like drink for every turtleneck you see, drink for British cuss words like 'bollocks' or 'wanker', and drink every time a storyline crosses. That happens a lot. My favorite is to take a drink every time someone cries.


Love Actually Drinking Game Rules Have a Sip When: "Christmas is All Around" starts playing. A character cries. The word "actually" is mentioned. British slang ("wank," "bugger," "bollocks") is used. Holiday-themed outfits appear on screen. Sam's door features a note.

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Drink whenever someone you're watching the film with does any of the following: Points out that Natalie is not actually fat. Expresses dislike for Mia (double shot if it includes a swear word) Points out that Mark's behaviour is actually quite creepy. Compares the President to any real-life holder of that office.

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1. Karen starts opening her Christmas gift from Harry (trust us, you're going to need it). 2. Someone dances solo. 3. Different storylines have a crossover. 4. One of the characters cheats on.

The Love Actually Drinking Game you need to play this holiday season

The Official FYA Love, Actually Drinking Game: Because the mother of all romantic comedies deserves the mother of all drinking games. If you want to feel super British, play this with a Pimm's Cup, but if you want to err on the holiday side, try one of these Southern Living Christmas cocktails .

The Love Actually Drinking Game you need to play this holiday season

I want to thank everyone who sent me this Love Actually drinking game. I'm sure it's a grand ole time but I'd be remiss if I didn't turn this experience into a drinking game of my very own. With that, the OFFICIAL Love Actually Drinking Game! Take a drink every time: 1. Someone makes a fat joke. 2. They play "Christmas Is All Around.

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Love Actually Drinking Game. source: sheknows This is the newest movie in our Christmas movie drinking game list. A story about 4 different couples, but it's incredibly cliché. For example, one of these rules, is take a drink when someone cries. In any typical love story, that is bound to happen atleast a couple times.