Knife Skills Class Thursday, March 7, 2019, 600 PM Food Dance

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Knife Skills. Chef Eric's Culinary Classroom @ 2366 Pelham Ave, Los Angeles, CA. Learn the art of precise knife cuts and techniques in this hands-on culinary course. Discover the secrets to perfect julienne, brunoise, and batonnet cuts, and master the skills needed to create beautifully presented dishes.

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In our classes you'll work together with other students in a fun, hands-on environment led by our professional chef instructors. Classes are 2 to 2 1/2 hours, unless otherwise noted above. You will work with other students in groups of 4. Hands-on classes are limited to 16 students. You will be standing, cooking and working for most of the class.

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Take the class: Brendan McDermott's Complete Knife Skills Class at Craftsy. Included with the free course are a few recipes to use your new-found skills — you can practice that snazzy slicing technique on carrots, celery, and onions for a basic chicken stock, and use McDermott's brilliant coring method on a jalapeño for some pico de gallo.

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The 9 Essential Knife Skills To Master. About. Professional chef and culinary instructor Frank Proto returns with another Epicurious 101 class, this time teaching you each of the knife skills you.

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This class provides you with a comprehensive guide to expert knife utilization in a hands-on and engaging environment. You'll begin by learning about different styles of knives and their particular structures followed by safely using your knife and proper care to ensure maximum life. The class concludes with classic knife cuts and then creating.

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Used the first half on the knife skills class. Good instructor, excellent support staff walking around during course to help, and great setup with the layout and TV monitors showing instructors work area. This class concentrates on vegetables which makes sense. Allows for a lot of varied cutting/slicing techniques.

Knife Skills Class Thursday, March 7, 2019, 600 PM Food Dance

Join Plated's Head Chef Elana Karp for a fun and informative 12-minute class on knife skills. You'll learn 4 essential cuts and gain fundamental skills for the kitchen — making prep faster, smoother, and more enjoyable. You'll learn basic cuts for everyday ingredients, fun hacks to enjoy your time in the kitchen, and great tips on selecting and safely using your knives.

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Professional chef and culinary instructor Frank Proto returns with another Epicurious 101 class, this time teaching you each of the knife skills you'll need.

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Gordon Ramsay. Lesson time 18:42 min. Knife skills: The basics are so important. Gordon shows you how to properly sharpen and hold these critical tools, and the best ways to practice and improve your knife skills. Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Topics include: Sharpening Knives • Slicing a Shallot.

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Class Description: Become acquainted and adept with the most classic and important of chef's tools, and your time in the kitchen will be transformed. In this hands-on class, you'll hone basic knife skills and practice the fundamental cuts—mince, dice, brunoise, bâtonnet and julienne. Plus, our instructor will teach you a few advanced.

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Here are a few principles to live by: • The knife handle shouldn't be held in a death grip: try to relax hands and wrists and let the blade do the cutting. • Position all 10 fingers so it's virtually impossible for the blade to cut them. • The hand holding the knife should be gripping the blade as well as the handle.

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Essential Skills 2. Whether you're making a casual dinner or a gourmet multicourse meal. We'll cover techniques including poaching, sautéing, grilling and cooking risotto. Using your newly acquired skills, we'll make and dine on a complete meal of: grilled vegetable gratin; mushroom risotto; pan-seared steak with compound butter and mesclun.

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Move the knife in a rocking, tip-to-heel motion to cleanly slice a food all the way through. Slide the fingers of your claw hand back and move the knife (not the food) after each cut. Experienced chefs use the knuckle of their middle finger as a width guide for slices. 2. Bias Slice.

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Handling your knife properly is a lifelong and essential skill for all cooks, from beginner to experienced home cook. Of all the cooking classes, knife skills class is always the one students rave about the most. We will discuss what knives to use for what, talk about maintenance, but most of the time you will be using your chef's knife.

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1 hrs 50 mins. Overview. Instructor. Discussions. Bonus Materials. FAQs. Become faster and more accurate with your knife work, and create dishes that cook evenly and look truly professional. Guided by chef Brendan McDermott, you 'll explore proper hand placement and the four fundamental cuts. Learn to dice, mince and julienne a range of produce.

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He has 20-plus years of professional cooking, recipe development, food writing and teaching under his belt. When he's not in the Milk Street kitchen or on the road hunting for new recipes and ideas, he burns off the countless on-the-job calories cycling around the world. Choosing, maintaining and using the right knife for your best cooking.