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The Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience. From harvesting to sipping, a multi-sensory journey through the essence of Jamaican spirit. Book your visit. Appleton Estate is authentic Jamaican rum that seduces the senses and inspires the soul. Explore our variety of premium rums and cocktail recipes today.

Why Jamaican Rum Is the Best Kind of Rum to Drink

Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum is the iconic Jamaican rum. Synonymous with Jamaican culture, Wray & Nephew is truly part of the nation's heritage and has remained a staple of socializing and celebrating with friends and family, dating back to the early 1800s. Wray & Nephew is handcrafted in Jamaica's Nassau Valley, produced via small batch distillation, un-aged, at 125.5% proof.

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Jamaican rum is also special because of the island's limestone, a mineral-rich sedimentary rock loaded with calcium carbonate. "Jamaica is an ideal setting to grow sugarcane. It comes from what.

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Top 12 Must-Try Best Jamaican Rums 12. Smith & Cross Traditional Jamaican Rum. Average Price: Approximately $33 per 750ml (Drizly & TotalWine) Alcohol Content: 57% ABV Why We Like It: As one of the heaviest pot still rums available, it will surely bring you back to the 19th-century Jamaican spirit.The cane juice, molasses, and sugar syrup are sourced from the Hampden Estate mill and distilled.

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Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, and incorporating native Jamaican molasses and cane sugar makes this a rum that's more full-bodied than well-rounded. Every sip bursts with that distinct Jamaican rum flavour profile. On The Nose. The nose is dominated by charred woody scents, like a hearth fire amid autumn. A gentle, mild sweetness follows.


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Jamaican Rum Punch is a sweet and fruity cocktail that is perfect for anyone who loves a tropical drink. This cocktail is made with a combination of pineapple, orange, and lime juices, along with dark rum and grenadine syrup. The addition of lime juice gives it a slight acidic edge that balances out the sweetness of the other ingredients.

Why Jamaican Rum Is the Best Kind of Rum to Drink

Jamaican Rum is famous in the rum world for having a funky, full bodied and intense flavour. Alexander Kong, Commercial Manager of Spirits at Worthy Park Estates elaborates, "Jamaica Rum is one of those styles that is often described as having that trademark 'Funk'. Not normally a word used for a positive description of something, in this case the funkiness used to describe Jamaica Rum.

Appleton Estate Reserve Blend Jamaica Rum Astor Wines & Spirits

Jamaican rum is often pot distilled, rather than column distilled. Pot distillation produces a "batch" of rum. Alternatively, column distillation is a continuous process. Pot distillation is less efficient. Column stills can product liquors with as much as 95 percent alcohol by volume. However, the pot distillation process results in a more.

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Jamaican Rum. Jamaican rum as we know it began with the establishment of Appleton Estate in 1749, in a site that dates back to 1665 when Jamaica became a British colony after Spanish rule. The country soon became a hub of rum production to the point that more than 100 working distilleries had been founded by the late 19th century.

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Encompassing a range of flavors, styles, ages, and uses, here are 16 Jamaican rum brands ranked. 16. Wray & Nephew. Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum - US / Facebook. It's impossible to talk about.

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Jamaican rum is a type of rum that is widely recognized for its unique flavor and character. It is made using sugarcane molasses and is distilled in pot stills, which gives it a distinctive taste that is both rich and complex. Jamaican rum is known for its bold flavors, which are often described as being fruity, spicy, and aromatic.

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Rum Fire The highest-ester rum available in the U.S., Rum Fire is an overproof white rum made at the Hampden Estate distillery and found at rum bars throughout Jamaica's Trelawny parish. Rum Fire offers a neutron bomb of funk and flavor, but it's also surprisingly nuanced and graceful, with a rich, oily aroma of guava and ripe banana, and a.

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Overall, Jamaican Rum Punch is a delicious and refreshing cocktail that is sure to impress. View Recipe. 5. Bob Marley Drink. The Bob Marley Drink is a colorful and tropical rum-based cocktail that is sure to transport you to the sunny beaches of Jamaica. With its vibrant layers of red, yellow, and green, this cocktail is not only visually.

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Jamaican Rum. With a history as long and complex as the country itself, Jamaican rum stands out from rums produced in other Caribbean countries thanks to its unique fermentation process, wide product range and distinct "funk.". Jamaican rums are fermented in one of two ways, according to Matt Strickland for Distiller.The first is wild fermentation where loose, airborne yeast lands on open.

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Jamaican rum, with its notes of tropical fruits and spices, finds perfect companions in desserts and sweet treats. Caribbean fruit cakes, pineapple or banana tarts and dark chocolates can enhance and complement the intrinsic notes of rum. A piece of coconut cake or a vanilla flan can serve as the perfect base for the rum flavors to stand out.