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Basic Sauerkraut Recipe. 1.) Remove damaged or wilted outer leaves and core out a bit of the center stalk from the cabbage. 2.) Weigh your trimmed cabbages for a total weight and write it down for accuracy in measuring in the salt later. 3.)

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Place a layer of shredded cabbage into the crock pot. Sprinkle some salt and a few juniper berries over that cabbage layer. Stomp it down with the stomper. Repeat the process with all the cabbage, salt and juniper berries, until you used it all up. Always stomp down after every layer!

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Place the sliced cabbage in a large bowl and toss in the salt. Let it sit for about 20 minutes until the cabbage has begun to wilt and releases some of its juices. Use a tamper/pounder to crush the cabbage until it is wilted and has released a lot of liquid. This will take several minutes.

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Lets make some homemade sauerkraut! Everything you need to know to make some of that krauty goodness!! I used a 2 gallon crock in this video. NOTE-- If addin.

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2.) Weigh your trimmed cabbages for a total weight and write it down for accuracy in measuring in the salt later. 3.) Using a food processor, a hand shredder or a large knife, shred or chop the cabbage into a large bowl or pan (s), either finely or coarsely, according to your preference. 4.)

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SAUERKRAUT CROCK RECIPE | HOW TO MAKE SAUERKRAUT IN A CROCK⬇⬇⬇Click "SHOW MORE" for more info⬇⬇⬇Are you ready to make the best sauerkraut you've ever tasted?.

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Place about 3 inches of grated cabbage at the bottom of the crock. Sprinkle in 2 tbsp of seasoning. Add another three inches of grated cabbage. Use a pounder on these layers to extract juices. Repeat the sequence to finish adding all the seasoning before adding the last and final layer of cabbage on top.

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Remove outer leaves and any undesirable portions from firm, mature, heads of cabbage; wash and drain. Cut into halves or quarters; remove the core. Use a shredder or sharp knife to cut the cabbage into thin shreds about the thickness of a dime. In a large container, thoroughly mix 2 tablespoons pickling and canning salt with 3 pounds shredded.

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Then put the lid on the crock. 5. Let ferment at room temperature (about 72 degrees Fahrenheit) for 5 to 10 days. 6. Check inside the crock a few times in the first 24 hours to ensure that the cabbage has released enough juice to keep the sauerkraut completely submerged.

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For canning sauerkraut, bring the kraut to a simmer in a large stockpot. Do not boil your kraut. Pack hot sauerkraut into hot jars, leaving 1/2 inch headspace. Remove air bubbles and make sure the brine covers the cabbage in the jar. Wipe down the rims and put on your canning lid and ring.

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* Sauerkraut Soup: Make a hearty soup by combining sauerkraut with vegetables, broth, and your choice of protein. The tangy flavor of the sauerkraut adds a unique depth to the soup and makes it truly satisfying. * Sauerkraut Salad: Create a refreshing salad by mixing sauerkraut with fresh greens, shredded carrots, and a tangy dressing. The.

How To Make Sauerkraut In A Stoneware Crock {free video & print recipe!}

Step 2: Mix and pack the sauerkraut. Add all of the prepped ingredients plus any seasonings and the salt to a large mixing bowl and mix them well with your clean hands or salad spoons. Pack the fresh sauerkraut mixture into a clean fermentation crock, water-sealed crock or large glass mason jar.

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2. Next, Prepare the veggies. Remove the coarse outer leaves, and save two unblemished leaves from the cabbage head. Remove the thick core, then shred the cabbage in thin slices (as thinly as possible), grate the carrot and apple (on the largest shredding side of the grater), and thinly slice the onion. 3.

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This process will release the water within the cabbage, which ends up being the liquid in which the cabbage ferments. 2.) Transfer the salty squeezed cabbage to the fermentation crock and place the ceramic weight on top of it. 3.) Let the crock sit, preferably in a warm, dark place like a closet or pantry.

Homemade Sauerkraut Recipe

Red cabbage, green cabbage or napa cabbage, it makes no difference. Place in a Container ~ Anything that holds water will work. A bowl, jar, or in this case, an earthenware crock. Add Salt ~ Generally about 2% by weight. Weigh the cabbage, then multiply by 0.02. Some recipes use 1.5%, others use as much as 3%.

How To Make Homemade Sauerkraut in a Mason Jar Kitchn

Pour the water or brine into the crock just enough to submerge the shredded cabbage. Once you have enough liquid in the crock, add a fermentation weight on top of the cabbage and press down. This will hold your cabbage under the brine, bringing the liquid level up.