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28. Assemble Watermelon Pizzas. A fun snack or dessert idea for teens is to let them make their own watermelon pizzas. You'll need a "sauce", like Greek yogurt or a cream cheese sauce, and then different toppings such as fruits and chocolate chips. Here's a recipe for watermelon pizzas to get you started. 29.

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Fort Ideas for Summer Sleepovers. Hosting kids of any age, in your home, can be intimidating. Knowing how to keep everyone happy and entertained can be a tough feat, but with Fort Magic's building kit, it doesn't have to be. Below are just a few ideas to provide your kids and their friends with hours of endless entertainment. 1. Building Forts

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This is the perfect large fort sleepover for all ages; the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating the ultimate canopy slumber party.. everyone loves to munch on something delicious while camped out in their own little hideaway of a canopy fort. Here are some great snack ideas for the perfect canopy slumber party. Fruit and.

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Sleepover Ideas for Kids. 1. Matching Pajamas. All best friends need matching pajamas! Supply your child and their friends with matching pajamas that you can either include with the invitation or have ready for when they arrive! 2. Movie Night. Organize the coolest movie night around!

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For a wider fort, set up 2 clotheslines running parallel to each other and hang the blankets over both of them. Drape a sheet from an outdoor clothesline to make a quick and easy outdoor fort. 3. Drape a blanket over a 4-legged table. A quick and easy way to make a fort is to use a table as your base.

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Sparkles, glitter, gold and lights are definitely part of the aesthetic trampoline sleepover you are after. But you can also include Japanese style kawaii ideas too, like paper balloons and paper lanterns. Gold star banners. Paper fan decorations. Tissue pom pom flowers. A string of rainbow triangle bunting flags.

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Here's how to build a sturdy blanket fort to keep the kids busy. Step 1: Choose an area where there is a lot of floor space. Step 2: Place a cozy blanket or sleeping bags on the floor to mark dimensions of the fort. Step 3: Line up four to six chairs about 4 feet apart along the outer edges of the blanket for walls.

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Creating Sleepover Forts. Not only can these structures provide your kids and their friends with comfort and something to do, but it will also give them an opportunity to learn and work together. Below are just a few steps to help your kids create their perfect sleepover tent fort. 1. Decide Where to Put It.

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Have your friends decorate cupcakes or help you bake a cake for a fun time in the kitchen. Watch a movie or build a pillow fort for some classic sleepover fun. Host a spa night and give each other manicures for some DIY pampering. Break out the board games or play something else, like Mad Libs or Exquisite Corpse. 1.

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Create lasting memories with these fun and exciting fort ideas for sleepovers. From cozy hideouts to epic adventures, discover the perfect fort for your next sleepover party.

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Prepare our DIY pillow fort kit ahead of time or bring it as a gift to a sleepover party. Here's what you'll need to get started on the ultimate fortress of pillows: Pillow Fort Supplies: 1-3 Sheets; 5+ cushions; 1 Rope; 5 Clothespins; 1-2 Blankets; At least 2 supports (sturdy chairs, couch, or bed) How to Build a Pillow Fort

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Transform your sleepovers into unforgettable adventures with these creative fort ideas. Build cozy and imaginative forts that will make your sleepovers even more exciting.


Figure out where you can hang the high point of your tent and where the entrances will be. A bit of extra effort will lead to more blanket fort structural integrity (although, ending up in a heap on the floor can be fun too.) Figure out your framing. If you're using chairs and couches, clear the space around them so you can have your open room.

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Sleepover Activities & Ideas. One idea is to help them build a sleepover fort. Building a fort can be one of the best ways to keep your kids busy at a sleepover, and this can be for 8-year-olds, tweens, or even 13-year-olds. Plus, they are also developing lifelong skills and memories. Forts are the perfect additions to any child's slumber party.

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If it's warm enough, you can build their fort in the backyard. Just make sure you put down a tarp to keep out the bugs. If it's too cold to build your fort outside, you can build it in the garage or in the living room. You can also build it on the covered deck and just put a space heater in it. You will be surprised at how warm it is and.