11 Pasta Shapes to Break You Out of Your Penne Rut Epicurious

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Pappardelle. Flat, wide ribbons of pasta are called pappardelle. Its name means "to gobble" which is fitting because this pasta is often served with the most delicious sauces. Due to the pappardelle's great surface area, the pasta is served with some pretty robust sauces like bolognese, ragu or clam sauce. 31 / 34.

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Candele works best with heavy and thick tomato sauces with meat or mushrooms. This type of pasta is also great in baked pasta dishes with lots (and I mean LOTS) of cheese. Paccheri Via: Flickr. Paccheri almost looks like a cannelloni in essence, but they are shorter and much wider than your average tube-shaped pasta.

9 Unique and Fun Pasta Shapes Allrecipes

1. Hand-cut pasta (tagliatelle, fettuccine, pappardelle, and more) The easiest "shape" to make at home is cutting hand-rolled sheets of pasta dough into long noodles with a kitchen knife. Here's how: โ€” Use a dough cutter to divide up your pasta dough (approx. into even handfuls) to make it easier to work with.

11 Pasta Shapes to Break You Out of Your Penne Rut Epicurious

15 Recipes That Prove Shaped Pastas Are Here to Save Dinner. We always keep pasta on hand for quick and easy weeknight meals. Spaghetti, penne, and fettuccine are what we usually grab, but just choosing a different shape can make an old recipe feel brand new. From cavatappi to ditalini, there's a whole world out there just waiting to save.

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Fusilli col Buco. This is a hybrid of two more common shapes: bucatini (long hollow noodles that inspire a lot of "feelings"), and fusilli (a short and stab-able corkscrew). The swirled noodle.

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Paccheri. The negative space in the center of these large, smooth tubes looks awesome when plated on a giant platter with some meaty sauce or in this pork and beans pasta. Think of paccheri as a.

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Great British Chefs. Cannelloni with spinach, pumpkin and nutmeg. by Marcus Wareing. Just as versatile as the above conchiglie, this pasta is one of the varieties only made possible using industrial production methods. The tight spirals create a pleasing texture, while also helping the sauce cling to the pasta.

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Bucatini. 'The best pasta shape of all time is bucatini. The hollow shape in the pasta is perfect for holding the sauce. Whether the sauce is a classic or something nuevo, bucatini has a way of.

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Fusilli. Illustration by Emma Darvick. With more ridges, twists, and turns than cavatappi or cellentani, fusilli is another short corkscrew-shaped pasta that's worth cooking any night of the week. It's one of the most versatile shapes of the bunch, its ridges catching bits of meat, vegetables, and sauce.

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HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS - This pasta is made with 100% durum wheat and vegetable powders with pieces that are the perfect bite-size. MADE THE OLD-WORLD ITALIAN WAY - Using bronze dies and slow drying, creating a porous texture and more delicious taste. ALL NATURAL - Our naturally vegan fun pasta noodles are Non-GMO and made in the USA

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Farfalle: Although you might call this pasta "bowties," farfalle actually translates to "butterfly.". It's a whimsical shape that's made by pinching ruffly edged pasta rectangles together in the center. Farfalle's great in pasta salad, but as many a kid can attest, it is also pretty perfect with butter and cheese.

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Cavatelli. Alessio Orru/Shutterstock. Despite being one of the oldest pasta shapes in Italy, cavatelli is a dark horse in the pasta game. Originating from the small region of Molise, located in.

Best 15 Short Pasta Shapes and Their Uses Familystyle Food

Fun Pasta Shapes. Make family meal night unforgettable with fun pasta shapes like holiday pasta, sports pasta, animal-shaped pasta, and more. Here at Pastabilities, we offer over 100 choices of fun pasta shapes. Our mission is to offer happy pasta for healthy lifestyles. Kids love our fun pasta shapes - and they even love our brightly colored.

9 Unique and Fun Pasta Shapes Allrecipes

Ditalini are shaped like decorative beads: very small but thick and, consequently, chewy. They seem to want to be combined with beans, which are similarly sized and have a complementary chewy texture. They go well with little cubes of guanciale or pancetta, too." โ€”John Mattia, video editor.

9 Unique and Fun Pasta Shapes Allrecipes

Try swapping gemelli for elbow macaroni in your baked macaroni and cheese . Monzino/Getty Images. 2. Cavatelli. Cavatelli are small pasta shells made from eggless semolina dough that, if you look closely, resemble miniature hot dog buns. Try cavatelli instead of penne in this Italian Sausage Penne recipe this week.

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The name of this cup-shaped pasta translates to "little ears." It has a rich, wheaty flavor and is the ideal vessel for catching every drop of delicious sauce. Orecchiette originated in the region of Puglia in Southern Italy in the 12th century. There's even an annual festival celebrating the local pasta shape!