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(Video) Chris Brown - New Flame (Official Video) ft. Usher, Rick Ross


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  • 1 Awakening Cost
  • 2 Movesets/Abilities:
    • 2.1 Movesets(v1)
    • 2.2 Movesets(V2)
  • 3 Pros
  • 4 Cons
    • 4.1 Overall, Flame V1 is a cheap fruit recommended for beginners. Flame V2 is a top-tier PvP fruit due to its high damage and versatility. Its a pretty godly fruit.

Awakening Cost




Fire Bullets

The user fires medium-damage bullets that can hit multiple targets at the direction of the user’s cursor.

Fire Beam

The user fires a medium-sized beam from their hands in the direction of the cursor, knocking back anyone who got hit an insane range.

Fire Column

The user ejects energy towards the ground, releasing a surge of fire around the user, pushing back anyone a good distance who is caught in the pillar.

(Video) FLAME + Silentheart Progression [FINALE] | Deepwoken

Fire Bomb

The user creates a large orb of fire, which, upon impact, explodes, significantly damaging anyone in its radius.

Fire Flight

you turn your legs into fire and fly at a decent pace(Faster than sand, smoke and magma but slower than everything else).


Burning Blast

Throws a fireball that does relatively low damage but causes the ground to catch fire for additional damage

(Video) Cheap Trick - The Flame

Prominence Burst

A graphically enhanced version of the fire beam that increases damage and gives an additional burn to the ground

Flaming Vortex

comparable to fire column without awaken but take it up close to your opponent and is graphically "evolved" compared to V1 and does damage that burner if the user is on the ground where he will be on fire.

Flame Destroyer

Create a huge and beautiful giant fireball that bounces off the ground, with a good area of ​​damage. It leaves the ground burning in a huge area, the damage is very high.

(Video) C.h.e.a.p T.r.i.c.k Greatest Hits, Full Album - Rock Music Playlist 2022


  • High damage.
  • Good hit-box (V1), Very Large hit-box (V2).
  • Burning passive ability (V2).
  • Very good for grinding (both v1 and v2). combo for farming v2: c, v (while on midair), x (while on midair), z (while on midair)
  • V2 is extremely good for pvp.
  • Smooth effects (V2).
  • Both long and close range.
  • all moves can be air and ground based.
  • V move can knock phoenix out of the transformation.
  • all moves can break ken (Z and X in V1 need to effect the opponent enough).
  • Most of V2 has a really quick charge up and release for its moves.
  • Has a few stun moves (V2).
  • awesome effects (V2)(Burn damage and the smoke and flames around the moves).
  • Its pretty easy to awaken because the flame raids are the easiest.
  • very easy to use.
  • can clap dragon, phoenix and any other fruit with godly abilities.
  • goes well with last resort if you have good aim because of flames high damage
  • it is very cool with a big explosion


  • Lacks stun moves (V1).
  • Flame v1 and v2 has a short delay in moves (Ex: charging fire bomb).
  • Fire bomb and Flame Destroyer are kind of slow to cast. (they will take 1 second but they have largest aoe among the flame skills)
  • you will get wrecked if you cant use it right( just like every other fruits or weapon).
  • Water damages you (like every fruit in the game).

Overall, Flame V1 is a cheap fruit recommended for beginners. Flame V2 is a top-tier PvP fruit due to its high damage and versatility. Its a pretty godly fruit.

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