Buggy from One Piece: 15 Things You Need to Know About Him (2023)

Buggy the Star Clown is the captain of the Buggy Pirates, former Warlord of the Sea, and a former apprentice of the Roger Pirates in One Piece. He was the main enemy of the Straw Hats in the Orange City arc and has reappeared many times since. Following his escape at Impel Down and the events of the Marineford War, his reputation has risen rapidly. He started out as an antagonist to Monkey D. Luffy in Orange City of East Blue where he was defeated and separated from his gang. After allying with Alvida, he took back his band and almost killed Luffy in Loguetown, then sailed to the Grand Line to get revenge on Luffy, but allied himself with him to escape from Impel Down. After the time skipped, he was known as a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. In this article, we are going to tell you all you need to know about Buggy in One Piece.

Is Buggy a villain in One Piece?

Buggy, also known as Baggy the Star Clown is the captain of the Buggy Pirates and a former cabin crew member of The Roger Pirates. He debuted as the antagonist of Monkey D. Luffy but later allied with him to be freed from Impel Down. He was the main antagonist in the Orange City Arc and has since become a very recurring character. He formed the Baggy and Alvida Alliance which he co-leads with Alvida.

Buggy from One Piece: 15 Things You Need to Know About Him (1)

After the war at the top, the World Government sent him a letter, mentioning the offer of the post of Warlord of the Sea. Baggy accepted this proposal and is considered by the Navy to be a “living legend”. He remained Warlord of the Sea until the dissolution of this group. He also becomes the head of the organization “Buggy’s Delivery” He has the powers of Bara Bara no Mi, which makes him a Splitting Human.

How strong is Buggy in One Piece?

Although not as powerful as other former Roger Pirates, Buggy is a very capable fighter, as he was strong enough to survive all the battles against Whitebeard’s crew and the extreme dangers of the Grand Line. His arrogance and greed are what encourage him to continue fighting and taking every opportunity to build a good reputation.

Buggy has very high toughness, as he survived the blast of a Muggy Bullet redirected at him, with hardly any resulting injuries (although his Devil Fruit might have helped him somewhat), while a Muggy Bullet seriously damaged the Minotaurus, one of the Demon Guards at Impel Down. He also possesses great physical strength, as he was able to lift and strangle one of his subordinates single-handedly, pick up a Blugori easily and throw it to the ground (although he got up again with minimal injury), and hold the weight of both Luffy and Jinbe while floating his upper body (although this can be attributed to his Devil Fruit ability).

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One of the factors helping Buggy in his exploits, at least during the escape and the Battle of Marineford, would be his extraordinary luck. His ability to read moods, as well as his love of theater and the lines he says at a precise moment to boost the morale of his “team” helped him ensure the loyalty of the prisoners until the end.

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Also, due to his misconceptions of his selfish actions, namely: challenging Kizaru and then saying he just wants to leave (misinterpreting it as Buggy wanting to quickly defeat Kizaru to go home quickly), as well as capturing Jinbe by accident, many pirates became extremely loyal to him. Most were in tears at his “feats”.

If anything, Buggy can at least be seen as a formidable chemical scientist. This was seen when he was able to create a cannonball with enough power to destroy a city, as well as reduce the same bullet, but with the same destructive power.

Buggy accidentally consumed the Bara Bara no Mi, a paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows him to separate his body parts and fight with them independent of each other, but it robbed him of his ability to swim; according to Shanks (when they were both cabin boys), Buggy was an excellent swimmer.

The abilities gained from this fruit also make Buggy immune to stabbing, slashing, and slashing attacks, the attack only separating him from his body. Additionally, most of his body is capable of flight through the air, with enough force to send a man flying through a wall with the major exception of his feet.

Even though the parts are independent, Buggy can still feel what the part feels, for example, when Luffy attacked Buggy, he separated his torso from Buggy’s waist, only to find Luffy punching him in the groin. Also, when Buggy uses Bara Bara Festival in an attempt to finish Nami off, Luffy grabs one of his feet and tickles it, causing Buggy to burst out laughing.

Buggy from One Piece: 15 Things You Need to Know About Him (2)

No matter which part of his body is separated, something that also seems to act normal, for example, his feet walk normally, while Buggy sends the rest of his body flying. Even though Buggy is a strong fighter, his Devil Fruit power which makes him almost invincible, was constantly leaving parts of his body unkempt, which Luffy took advantage of to knock those parts apart.

One weakness of his fruit is that if a component is restrained, he cannot use the component, as display by Nami when she restrained a body part of hers in her first fight with him. He is invulnerable to slash attacks, he could be considered the natural enemy of even the most powerful swordsmen, as seen when he easily survived Dracule Mihawk’s very powerful slashes.

The main flaw of the Devil Fruit ability is focused on the feet. They can’t leave the ground like the rest of his body. Buggy also cannot, despite feeling them at all times, lose pieces of his body, he cannot join completely if a part of his body is outside a certain area, and by his own means, he must get closer to the part of the body. missing body.

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Why is Buggy so weak?

While he was a major opponent at the beginning of the series, he became less of a threat when more powerful enemies showed up. Lastly, in the Impel Down Saga, several prisoners like the Baroque Works agents or Jinbe commented on his incredible weakness. However, he is still capable of surviving the ordeals that even the most powerful people cannot (albeit with help).

Will Buggy become stronger?

After becoming a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, it is assumed that his power must have increased enough to continue to maintain his title and continue to maintain the trust and leadership of his fellow Impel Down since his mere absence would mean an imbalance. Buggy probably won’t be increasing his powers too much over the course of the manga, since he is not a major character and it wouldn’t really make sense for Buggy to become overly powerful. He is, simply, not that important.

Is Buggy a Warlord of the Seas?

In order to explain how Buggy became a Warlord, we have to tell you about his story in the Marineford Arc. On the way to Marine HQ. Buggy wishes to organize a mutiny to prevent the ship from reaching Marineford. After learning that he had no choice because the current they are sailing on has only 2 possible destinations: Enies Lobby and Navy HQ. Finally, he must face the facts and participate in this battle.

On a burst of pride, he decides to want to kill Whitebeard. The prisoners also learn that he is Shanks’ so-called brother-in-arms which makes them even more excited. The battle broke out, when the warship falls from the sky. Buggy is confused because Crocodile was faster than him in wanting to kill Whitebeard.

During almost the entire battle, Buggy and his men will remain in the background. He will try to protect Luffy from Mihawk in spite of himself then he will steal a Navy camera-snailphone to do some publicity and present himself to the whole world, after several failed takes he presents himself as the one who will kill Whitebeard, his “cinema ” is broadcast all over the world which irritates the population but it will end up frozen by Admiral Aokiji.

Buggy from One Piece: 15 Things You Need to Know About Him (3)

After being thawed out by Akainu’s magma, Buggy once again flips his stage. After Ace’s death, Luffy falls into a coma, he is rescued by Jinbe. Admiral Akainu pursues them. As he deserts the battle, Buggy catches up with the bodies of Jinbe and Luffy. When Trafalgar Law’s submarine appeared, Buggy hesitated for a long time before entrusting Luffy and Jinbe to the “Surgeon of Death”.

It’s also Buggy who gives the straw hat back to Luffy in exchange for which Shanks (who appeared to end the war) will give him a treasure map that the red-haired captain doesn’t end up having (which annoys Buggy). We find Buggy on an island of Grand Line where he finds his crew, the reunion of his former crew and the prisoners goes rather well and he receives a letter from the World Government via a bat to become a great Warlord, which he ultimately accepts; from what we know, Buggy managed to get a spot in the group thanks to his reputation.

What episode does Buggy become a warlord in?

The events described in the previous section happened in Episode 629 of the anime series, which premiered on January 19, 2014. As for the manga, the events happened in Chapter 700 of the manga.

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How old is Buggy?

When he debuted, Buggy was 37 years old. After the timeskip, Buggy is 39 years old. Both of these numbers are official numbers and can be considered to be completely true.

What is Buggy’s bounty after the timeskip?

At some point Buggy formed his own crew and settled in the East Blue, earning a bounty of 15,000,000 Berries, numerous treasures valued at 10,000,000 Berries, and a ship called the Big Top.

Can Buggy use Haki?

Haki is a mysterious concept that certain characters can use. It is present in every living being, and does not differ so much from the normal senses. Later in the series, it was revealed to be some kind of ability that uses the mind, either to anticipate enemy attacks, or to protect itself by coating its body with invisible armor (or attack by increasing the density armor, which allows you to hit Logia users), or to intimidate your opponents.

However, most people are either unaware they have it or fail to awaken it. Its true nature, however, has not yet been determined or revealed. On Skypiea, the Observation Haki is called Mantra. In Wano Country, the Armament Haki is called Ryuo.

Although a lot of characters in One Piece can use different Haki techniques, Buggy is not one of them, as he cannot use any of the Haki techniques.

Does Buggy have Advanced Observation Haki?

Drawing from the fact that Buggy cannot use any Haki, not even the elementary ones, we can absolutely confirm that he cannot use the Advanced Observation Haki.

Does Buggy have the Will of D.?

In the One Piece universe, some people, Pirates, Revolutionaries or Marines, have the initial “D”. This mysterious initial has been called the Will of D. by some One Piece characters. Some people refer to carriers of the “D” as “Natural Enemies of God”. Some translators call it “The Will of Gol D. Roger” in reference to Gol D. Roger, the late Pirate King. The Will of D. has not been properly explained in the series, but we can confirm that Buggy doesn’t have the Will of D. in One Piece.

Are Buggy and Shanks brothers?

It was shown that Buggy, like Shanks, served under Roger since childhood, and that he often quarreled with Shanks over trifles. During their time as cabin boys for the Roger Pirates, Buggy and Shanks would squabble over any little thing. The Watch, on the other hand, explained their connection as “brotherly”, and Whitebeard also said that this couple was always together. Still, they are not biological brothers.

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Buggy from One Piece: 15 Things You Need to Know About Him (4)

During his youth, Buggy accused Shanks of being too soft to be a real pirate, which is rather ironic given that Shanks has become one of the most powerful and famous pirates in the world, while Buggy is comparatively weak and unknown. He is also not averse to using his former friendship with Shanks for his own ends, such as gaining the title of Shichibukai.

Despite the fact that Shanks saved Buggy when he was drowning, Buggy is not very friendly towards Shanks after they part ways. However, despite Buggy’s words, when he met with Shanks, he managed to trick him into giving Buggy back his straw hat. Afterwards, Buggy became very angry at Shanks, but Shanks remained calm despite Buggy’s reaction. Because I was glad to understand that their relationship had not changed despite the long time.

Can Buggy become a Yonko?

The Four Emperors are the four most notorious and powerful pirate captains in the world, but are neither allies nor enemies of each other, preferring to remain on their own under most circumstances. They reside on the second half of the Grand Line known as the New World, wielding impressive influence by controlling dozens of pirate crews as well as self-governing islands.

Buggy from One Piece: 15 Things You Need to Know About Him (5)

Some of them have been recurring antagonists since the Fishman Island Arc. They are one of the Three Great Powers. At the climactic Battle of Marineford, Emperor Whitebeard dies, and his assassin, Marshall D. Teach, subsequently assumes his title, while Shanks, another Emperor, ends the Great War. Following the events of the Whole Cake Island Arc, the World Economy News Paper named Monkey D. Luffy standing next to the Yonko as the “Fifth Emperor” of the seas.

This was both due to the events of the arc and the interviews done with Cavendish and Bartolomeo, which informed reporters of Straw Hat’s fleet of 5640 members. During the Raid in Onigashima, the two Emperors Big Mom and Kaidou are defeated by the Alliance of Ninjas-Pirates-Minks-Samurai and new Emperors are recognized in the world. As you can assume, Buggy is not one of them, as he doesn’t have neither the reputation nor the influence to become an Emperor.

Can Buggy be killed?

And while he cannot be injured by blades and similar weapons, Buggy can indeed be killed; he is not immortal. The easiest way to do it is to throw him into the water, as he’ll drown because he cannot swim due to the Devil Fruit.

Can Buggy fly?

Like the previous one, the last question is related to Buggy’s Devil Fruit. Namely, because he can separate parts of his body that can float at a certain distance from his feet, Buggy seems to be able to fly, but that is not true. Namely, Buggy’s feet have to be on the ground all the time or carried by someone, which means that Buggy cannot actually fly.


What is the secret of Buggy One Piece? ›

Buggy's Bara-Bara / Chop-Chop ability is from the Paramecia-class of Devil Fruits. This means that it affects the user's body in some way. For Buggy, he can separate his body parts and control them independently from one another. This essentially makes him impervious to bladed and edged weapons.

Is Buggy from One Piece a good guy? ›

Buggy the Star Clown (in Japanese: 道化のバギー, Senryō Dōke no Bagī), also known publicly as Buggy the Clown, is a clown pirate captain and one of the first antagonists in the manga and anime One Piece.

How old is Buggy? ›

3) Buggy the Clown

Fan-favorite One Piece character Buggy the Clown is one of the earliest characters introduced in the series, having also joined the Yonko ranks alongside Luffy at age 39.

Why is Buggy so big? ›

During the Summit War of Marineford, he had his followers broadcast his exploits to the outside world with a stolen Den Den Mushi, and after becoming a Warlord of the Sea during the timeskip, he uses his Devil Fruit abilities in conjunction with a large robe to make himself look much bigger than he actually is.

What fruit did Buggy eat? ›

The Bara Bara no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to split their own body into pieces and control said pieces however they wish, as well as making the user immune to slashing attacks, making the user a Splitting Human (バラバラ人間, Barabara Ningen?). It was eaten by Buggy, albeit by accident.

Can Buggy be cut with Haki? ›

Sword attacks with haki can hurt Buggy but can't bleed him as haki can't nullify DF power in which he can't be bleed.

Who is Buggy's best friend? ›

  • Alvida. Alvida was captain of the Alvida Pirates and the first villain encountered by Luffy in the anime. ...
  • Cabaji. Cabaji is Buggy's second mate.
  • Gol D. Roger. ...
  • Mohji. Mohji is a pirate and the first mate of the Buggy Pirates. ...
  • Mr. Mr. ...
  • Richie. ...
  • Silvers Rayleigh.

Who is stronger than Buggy? ›

T-Bone was a marine swordsman powerful enough to endanger an entire train. He has sufficient strength to kill Buggy in a single stroke should any of his attacks actually land. However, Buggy has survived against Mihawk, a swordsman much stronger than T-Bone who also knows armament Haki.

Is Buggy afraid of Luffy? ›

Buggy immediately became afraid when Luffy and Ivankov began battling Admiral Kizaru and said he wanted to go home; however, the escapees misheard him as saying he wanted to kill Kizaru and so admired him.

Who is Buggy's first mate? ›

By the end of the war, when Buggy reunited with his old crew, the convicts joined the crew, admiring First Mate Mohji and Chief of Staff Cabaji as well.

Who is Buggy shipped with? ›

Big Top is the Buggy Pirates' ship.

Who is Buggy brother? ›

in the viz manga, it was said after impel down that buggy and shanks are blood brothers, however, in the japanese edition, it doesn't say that at all.

Is Buggy the weakest? ›

Buggy is easily the weakest emperor of the sea. Without any haki and held hostage by his own crew, his Chop-Chop Fruit is mostly a survival tool. Although excellent against swordsmen like Mihawk and Zoro, he has never effectively used it as a weapon.

What race is Buggy? ›

Buggy, also known as Sweepstakes, is a competition where Greek and independent organizations race with their buggies, small, low, aerodynamic vehicles, powered only by gravity and human pushers. At its fastest, a buggy can reach speeds up to 35 miles per hour.

Is Buggy wearing a clown nose? ›

Buggy is a slim, yet muscular blue-haired man with an appearance resembling that of a clown, as to mirror his epithet. The big, red nose on his face is, in fact, his real nose.

What is Buggy weakness? ›

Buggy's Devil Fruit weakness besides the ocean is bullets. He is basically the complete opposite of Luffy as far as weaknesses go, Luffy is immune to bullets but susceptible to cutting attacks.

Why can't Buggy fly? ›

No. His feet must be on the ground of carried by someone else, and he can float a certain distance from his feet. That is, unless, he has awakened his DF powers that way.

What is Buggy's Devil Fruit? ›

Is Buggy immune to piercing? ›

Buggy is not only immune to slashing attacks, he is also immune to piercing attacks.

Why is Buggy not cut by Mihawk? ›

During Marineford Luffy used Buggy as a human shield to protect himself from Mihawk. We now know that Mihawk's black sword has been permanently coated with haki, and therefore his blade should negate Buggy's DF abilites. The only reasonable explanation I can think of is observation haki.

What is Buggy's highest bounty? ›

8. Buggy
  • Bounty: 3.19 billion berries.
  • Pirate Crew: Buggy Pirates, Roger Pirates (Previously)
  • Organization: Cross Guild.
  • Devil Fruit: Bara Bara no Mi (Chop-Chop Fruit)
  • Haki: Unconfirmed.
Mar 30, 2023

Does Buggy respect Rayleigh? ›

Buggy and Shanks

During their times as pirate apprentices on the ship, their repeated bickering with each other often led to them being punished by Rayleigh. Despite that, Buggy still has much respect for the former first mate of the crew.

What is Buggy bounty? ›

Who is the weakest warlord? ›

Out of all the 7 Warlords that fans have been introduced to so far, Buggy remains the weakest. He isn't particularly good at anything, and his Devil Fruit isn't all that impressive either. Buggy's biggest strength so far is being in the right place at the right time, and accidentally rising to power.

Can Mihawk harm Buggy? ›

Mihawk arguably has the strength and speed to pummel Buggy into the ground. He doesn't need a sword to win this One Piece matchup.

Can Buggy beat Shanks? ›

Shanks was always one step ahead of Buggy when it came to smarts, even in the past. The wide difference in their positions of power shows Buggy would likely lose if he ever tried fighting Shanks. Though Buggy has the power of a Devil Fruit, Shanks can use all three Haki and could overpower him with those abilities.

Who does Luffy fear most? ›

When he was a child, he was afraid when Garp would find out about his dreams of sailing as a pirate. He is wary of Nami's temper, as he thought whoever wanted to marry her is brave.

Why is Luffy afraid of Garp? ›

Monkey D. Luffy

This often leads Luffy to receiving the force of Garp's punches, and due to these experiences, he has become afraid of his grandfather. Garp also claims Luffy was poisoned by Shanks with ideas of becoming a pirate, as Garp wanted Luffy to be a great Marine like him.

What stopped Buggy from killing Luffy? ›

Monkey D. Dragon is a great figure who leads the Revolutionary Army. He made his first appearance during the Loguetown arc where he was stopped Buggy from killing Luffy by somehow manipulating the weather.

Did Mihawk join Buggy? ›

Apparently Buggy has formed the "Cross Guild" alliance, and it's touting that he now has former Seven Warlords members Crocodile and Hawkeye Mihawk not only working with him, but somehow under him in the time since we had seen him last.

Who will be the 11th straw hat? ›

Yamata is going to become the 11th member of the Straw Hat pirates soon. We thought she will become one by the end of the Wano arc, but unfortunately, she stayed to help Momonosuke and the others raise Wano back to glory again. But Yamato is confirmed to be the unofficial 11th member of the Straw Hat pirates.

What does D stand for in One Piece? ›

In the Post-War arc, one of the Five Elders stated that "D." means danger. After the timeskip, Law mentioned the Will of D. once more when Doflamingo asked him why he had so much faith in Luffy.

Is Buggy hiding his strength? ›

No. He is as strong as he is now. Oda said if he train himself the same as Shanks, he would be as strong as Shanks.

Why Buggy bounty so high? ›

He's a Yonko because of 'Luck', he runs Cross Guid and has two WARLORDS under his belt by 'Luck'. He has a bigger bounty than Luffy because of 'Luck. ' He has 3.189 billion berries because of 'Luck'.

How strong is Buggy really? ›

How strong is Buggy in One Piece? He's actually surprisingly tough and strong, just not at the level we can compare to the top characters. For instance, he survived a muggy ball explosion direct hit, which could do a lot of damage to Minotaurus in Impel Down with seemingly little effort.

Did Buggy defeat Big Mom? ›

Buggy and Luffy replaced the defeated Big Mom and Kaido, even though it might not seem as though Buggy has earned that position. That's especially true in the eyes of his partners, Dracule Mihawk and Sir Crocodile.

Who is blood brother? ›

a person's brother by birth. a male person bound to another by ties of great friendship. something usually associated with or thought to exist inseparably from another thing, quality, circumstance, etc.: Humility is often the blood brother of patience.

How tall is Buggy the Clown? ›

Buggy the Clown
Character Information
Birthday:August 8th
Age:37 (debut) 39 (after timeskip)
Height:192 cm (6'3¾")
Weight:185 lbs (84 kg)
11 more rows

Is Buggy a bad guy? ›

2 Buggy. At the time of his introduction, Buggy came off as a scary and evil character, who was cruel even to his crewmates.

Who is the weakest One Piece? ›

Buggy is the captain of the Buggy Pirates and one of the Four Emperors of the Sea. A person who has not met Buggy can easily be fooled by his titles, but those who have know that he is one of the weakest characters in the series.

Can Buggy beat Zoro? ›

Zoro's capable of instilling Armament Haki into his swords, thus being capable of bypassing Buggy's devil fruit ability and delivering a lethal slash on him. Even if Buggy manages to avoid any strikes with Armament Haki, he'd still have a very difficult time with Zoro's larger scale attacks.

Why is it called Buggy? ›

But the origin of the word buggy as an adjective meaning “infested with insects” is very simple: it's the word bug, meaning “insect,” and the adjective-forming suffix –y, meaning “filled with.” The first records of this use come from around 1700. Places are called buggy when there's a lot of insects swarming around.

How did Buggy get its name? ›

The word 'buggy' first appeared in the late 1700's in London (England) slang for a phaeton or chaise.

What is Buggy crew called? ›

The Buggy Pirates are a band of pirates led by Buggy, who is a former apprentice of the Roger Pirates. They are the main antagonists of the Orange Town Arc and one of the antagonist groups of the Loguetown Arc.

How old is red hair Shanks? ›

His birthday was March 9, ages are 37 (pre-timeskip), and 27 (when meeting Luffy). The most striking thing about Shanks is the color of his red hair, where his epithet 'Red-Haired Shanks' comes from.

Will Buggy become a yonko? ›

One Piece's “Wano Country Saga” ends with Luffy and his allies overthrowing the two Yonkos Kaido and Big Mom. As a result, to maintain the balance of powers, Luffy and Buggy were declared as the new Yonkos. In One Piece, Yonko is the title given to the New World's strongest and most dangerous pirates.

What are the powers of Buggy? ›

Buggy is one of the very few characters introduced in the initial chapters of One Piece, and he even has the power of a Chop-Chop devil fruit.

What is Buggy's real power? ›

It is a Paramecia-type devil fruit that makes the user a “splitting human.” The fruit grants the power to split their body into pieces and control those pieces however they see them. The only exception is that he cannot disassemble his feet.

Does Buggy have hidden power? ›

No. He is as strong as he is now. Oda said if he train himself the same as Shanks, he would be as strong as Shanks.

Is Buggy the Clown Secretly strong? ›

How strong is Buggy in One Piece? He's actually surprisingly tough and strong, just not at the level we can compare to the top characters. For instance, he survived a muggy ball explosion direct hit, which could do a lot of damage to Minotaurus in Impel Down with seemingly little effort.

Why Buggy is not strong as Shanks? ›

Shanks was always one step ahead of Buggy when it came to smarts, even in the past. The wide difference in their positions of power shows Buggy would likely lose if he ever tried fighting Shanks. Though Buggy has the power of a Devil Fruit, Shanks can use all three Haki and could overpower him with those abilities.

Who is the strongest person Buggy can beat? ›

Out of all of the Marine forces, Spandam is possibly the highest ranked person that Buggy can take on.

Who is the strongest member of Buggy? ›

3 Galdino currently ranks as the strongest member of Buggy's crew. As an ex-agent of Baroque Works, Mr. 3 was a tenacious and talented bounty hunter entrusted to handle pirates with even 100 million beli bounties, far above the tastes of the Buggy Pirates.

Why is Buggy nose red? ›

The big, red nose on his face is, in fact, his real nose. It was revealed in an SBS question that the blue tassels coming from the sides of Buggy's hat are his actual hair in the shape of two ponytails.

Who can beat Luffy Gear 5? ›

One Piece: 5 Characters That Could Struggle Against Luffy's Gear...
  1. 1 Eustass Kid.
  2. 2 Marshall D. ...
  3. 3 Mihawk. ...
  4. 4 Trafalgar D. Water Law. ...
  5. 5 Kizaru. After Luffy's long and tough encounter with Kaido and coming out as the victor, it was more than enough reason for him to become one of the new Yonko. ...
Dec 22, 2022

Why is Buggy tiny? ›

The journey sees Buggy trying to reunite with his crew after losing to Luffy and being launched to another island with several body parts missing, hence his short stature and the nickname Little Buggy.


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