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Buddha, formerly known as Human: Buddha is a Legendary Beast fruit with a 5% chance of being in stock and a 6.6% chance of spawning every hour. This fruit can also be obtained with a small chance from Blox Fruit Gacha.

The fruit can be awakened and is considered one of the best fruits for grinding and supporting in a raid, and also for PvP due to its spamming abilities.

To fully awaken this fruit, you will need Buddha (3) 14,500, but it's recommend to just awaken the first move to make you even bigger.

When transformed into a giant Buddha, the user gains extreme hitbox and a 40% damage reduction, which increases to 50% when the fruit is fully awakened. The user also gains extreme hitbox up to 800% (or up to seven times) the normal hitbox of an untransformed player. The awakened buddha is nearly 3 times the size of the unawakened version, which is big enough to make you immune to water damage. The user also becomes an easy target when transformed due to the big hitbox.

The user can also hold weapons while using this Fruit, which gives the weapons' M1s a massive hitbox.

(Video) Legend of Buddha Full Movie in HD | Story of Gautama Buddha

It is recommended to use this fruit in the Second Sea and the Third Sea to grind levels due to the high Elemental Immunity level requirement and most NPCs having Aura. It is also one of the most used fruits in the Second and Third Sea due to its effectiveness in grinding and PvP. However, if you had spinned this fruit in the first sea, you can either store it or stick to your elemental fruit because of the cheap and effective logia effect.


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  • Passive:

    (Video) Tathagatha Buddha | Full Movie | Sunil Sharma, Kausha Rach, Suman | HD 1080p | English Subtitles
  • Moveset:

  • Movesets (V2):

Seismic Jump (V2)
When pressing the "Space" key (Jumping while transformed), the user will create a small AOE shock wave that do relatively small damage to enemies, they will also jump at least 2x as high (Stacks with Angel jump height boost) (Cooldown: 2 seconds. AOE.) (V2 only.)
Divine Aura
While transformed, the player can hit enemies with their melee and sword click 5x (8x if V2) farther than a normal player. In V2, the player's hitbox is above water and thus takes no dmg. If dragged underwater, user will take damage unless the user has Shark V2/V3/V4).
(Video) जीत की आदत डाल लो, फिर कभी नही हारोगे - गौतम बुद्ध | Buddhist Story on Mindset | Gautam Buddha
KeyAttack NameDescriptionMasteryDamage Rating
Buddha (4)
Buddha (5)
Transform makes the user almost triple their own size, and a gold aura is seen around and on them. Upon transformation they will receive 40% damage reduction and become slower.
Buddha (6)
Buddha (7)
Buddha (8)
The user charges a shining ball of light, then touches the ground with their palm, creating a large explosion which blows nearby enemies away. CAN ONLY BE USED IN BUDDHA FORM.
Buddha (9)
Buddha (10)
Buddha (11)
Buddha Leap
The user leaps into the air, landing where the cursor is pointed. This creates a shock wave that damages on impact. This move has a one second end-lag. CAN ONLY BE USED IN BUDDHA FORM.
Buddha (12)|
Buddha (13)
Buddha (14)
Buddha Explosion
The user charges itself for 0.5 seconds inside its body, then lets out a large explosion around them, dealing heavy damage to all enemies nearby, as well as launching them away. CAN ONLY BE USED IN BUDDHA FORM.
Buddha (15)
KeyAttack NameDescriptionFragment CostDamage Rating
Buddha (16)
Buddha (17)
The user transforms into a golden giant buddha that has three rings and two squares with symbols with the squares having Chinese Hanzi that surrounds the user, and a thunder light will hit any player nearby (except ally), dealing damage. During the transformation, the player does not take any damage when in water, allowing them to dash, Flash Step and reset their skyjumps. This will buff the player's damage reduction by 50% and stacks with Aura. Jumping will deal damage to nearby enemies and break their Instinct ability.
Buddha (18) 500
Buddha (19)
Buddha (20)
Buddha (21)
Heavenly Impact
The user slams the ground with their fist and an explosion occurs as light erupts from the place hit. This move breaks Instinct.
Buddha (22) 3,000
Buddha (23)
Buddha (24)
Buddha (25)
Light of Annihilation
The player gathers energy, then explodes with a big explosion, shooting a light beam out of their mouth, dealing damage. This move breaks Instinct.
Buddha (26) 4,000
Buddha (27)
Buddha (28)
Buddha (29)
Twilight Of The Gods
The player quickly rises up and then continuously fires beams of light that explode on impact finishing with a column of light surrounding the user (the light column deals damage). This move breaks Instinct. The enemies is completely stunned during the attack and the final light column stuns for 3-4 seconds. The user is unable to move around during the duration of this move.
Buddha (30) 5,000
Buddha (31)
Buddha (32)
Buddha (33)
Retribution Dash
The player dashes forward, creating a trail of golden light behind. If they touch an enemy when dashing, they will hold the enemy up then slam them into the ground. The player cannot take damage during the animation of the attack.
Buddha (34) 2,000
Buddha (35)

Pros and Cons

  • Pros

    (Video) GREATEST BUDDHA MUSIC of All Time - Buddhism Songs | Dharani | Mantra for Buddhist, Sound of Buddha

  • Cons

  • Extremely versatile, which works perfectly whether you are a sword, gun or fruit main.
  • This fruit is widely considered the best option for raids and grinding in Second/Third Sea.
  • Offers extremely useful damage reduction which stacks with Aura.
  • Widely seen as one of the best fruits in the game for grinding, and you won't have to rely on Elemental/logia due to your reduced damage. Note that this is directed to levels around 700+.
  • The Rabbit race works well for Buddha users, as it gives a player that size and high speeds. This allows for easier chasing, running, and travel.
  • Buddha V1's X, C, and V moves all break Instinct. All of Awakened Buddha's moves and jumping break Instinct, except for the F move.
  • You technically have more health than the average player because of the damage reduction.
  • The larger hitbox is about the size of the golden aura, which means that if the enemy goes into the golden aura, in whatever direction, it will be hit by your clicks. Moves only get slightly bigger. The clicks in the aura can also knock back NPCs away, and pairing it with Ghoul race and Ghoul Mask (Life Leech) will absolutely cheese the NPCs.
  • Amazing for bosses, as you can just spam click them without them getting close. You also don't have to worry about getting damaged because of your damage reduction.
  • Every move deals damage (except when using the Z move to transform into a regular player).
  • Buddha V2 can walk on water because your hitbox is above the water, but keep in mind moves that drag your hitbox underwater like Electric Claw's C move will make you take a tremendous amount of damage.
  • In V2, you have a jump boost that will make you jump way higher, roughly 3 - 5 times the jump power of a normal character.
  • Maximizing the power of your Sword or Melee Tap ability helps deal massive damage in PvP.
  • In Transform/Shift mode, your Tap ability damages will be decreased by 27.5% as of Update 18 during PvP.
  • Buddha users tend to be targeted in combat the most because they have a large body and hitbox.
  • Moves take a long time to finish, making you stuck until the animation ends.
  • Buddha V2 has a big hitbox, but is extremely hard to hit. The X move is almost impossible to hit in PvP, both V1 and V2.
  • Two moves have a long cast time similar to Rumble (V2).
  • It is harder to get out of the Water because of the big hitbox which can drown you. (V1)
  • The Buddha F move does not break Instinct. The player will be grabbed, but won’t take any knockback or damage.
  • It is not really reliable for combos.
  • Superhuman X move is impossible to hit players on the ground due to the shockwave appearing in the player's torso.
  • ALL NPCs like normal mobs, Bosses that use Fighting Styles, short, etc. are now capable of hitting you as of Update 17.2. Bosses with swords that have big hitboxes, moves can hit you.
  • In Update 17 Part 2, the fruit got a slight but noticeable change in both speed and damage.
  • Mobility is very poor, although the moves Buddha Leap (C move) and Retribution Dash (F move) can help with this.
  • Fruits such as Shadow can easily overwhelm Buddha using AoE and high damage attacks, especially because of the massive hitbox.
  • You’ll become slower if you Transform and become even SLOWER in the Awakened Buddha form.
  • The Buddha form can be annoying when it's transformed because it is bright, and there are some circles floating around you, so you'll have to zoom out to see.
  • In PvP, Buddha users will not receive Bounty or Honor most of the time due to the suspicious kill system, which does not reward Bounty/Honor if the opponent is killed with purely M1 attacks. This can be prevented by jumping before or during the fight with Buddha V2, which counts as a Blox Fruit attack.
  • Tips & Tricks

    • Transformation can be used to prevent NPCs from hitting the user because the user has further range than the NPCs.
    • If you awaken the Z move of Buddha and use the ability, you will be immune to water damage as your body hitbox is above the water.
    • Rabbit race does add speed, but the difference is much less noticeable than if you weren't transformed. This is because the Rabbit buff for Buddha got nerfed. Accessories add speed normally.
    • Due to the recent nerf to V2, Rabbit can easily outrun a Buddha without any trouble. However, a transformed Buddha (V1) can outrun any race that doesn't give a speed boost.
    • If you use Buddha Shift in any area with Lava or Magma (Ex. Hot and Cold), you will lose a HUGE amount of health because as you rise from the ground in the Buddha Shift animation, your body is briefly in the magma underground.
    • Using M1 on most weapons and fighting styles that usually make you go forward has no effect in Buddha transformed state.
    • It only increases the HITBOX of Fighting Styles and Swords. Buddha does not increase DAMAGE.
    • This Fruit is the best fruit for raids (2nd being Phoenix Fruit).
    • You can't hold the moves in V1 (X, C, and V).
    • Small Side Note: Race Avatar differences turn golden too, including Angel wings and Shark fins. Cyborg armor and Rabbit ears (V1).
    • Jumping in V2 mode will deal a small amount of damage but will guarantee Instinct Break, making spamming M1 easier (The cooldown is 2 seconds).
    • Total damage reduction when stacked with full body Aura is 76.8%.
    • Using Shark V3 Water Body or Cyborg V3 Energy Core will make your defense up to 100%, and wearing Swan Glasses will make your defense up to 100%, too.
    • You can solo any raid (even Buddha) if you have Ghoul race and Ghoul Mask because you have a massive amount of melee life steal so you keep life-stealing and can do any raids without having to worry about your health.
    • If you use Awakened Buddha's V skill while entering or exiting a raid, yellow spinning circles will appear and fade away.
    • Using Ghoul race Ghoul Mask with Buddha, each time you use an M1 attack on a player, you will heal 35% of the damage done to said player (EX: DMG done 2000=700 health regain), and hitting an NPC will make you heal 7.5% of damage done to the player.
    • For PVE, the best fighting style for Buddha is Sharkman Karate, due to Sharkman Karate having extremely fast M1s, good damage, and high range.
    • For PvP, the best fighting style for Buddha is Electric Claw due to its high mobility, ease of breaking Instinct, spam-ability, and long range.
    • If you're having trouble breaking Instinct, try using the jump move to break it as it is very quick to activate, although you need to be quite close to your opponent to do this.
    • A cool glitch is where you start in Buddha transformation mode, then un-transform and immediately switch to your sword. This may take a few tries, but once it's pulled off, your weapon will have the effects it gets in transform mode. You remain as a normally sized player, but your sword has the size and range it has in transform mode. You're essentially an ant with a huge sword. The sword resets once you unequip it. (The same also works for fighting styles.)
    • Though most players just awaken the Z move of Buddha, the V move is good for PvP, especially for teamers and defeating swarms of NPCs.
    • If you're not using the Shark race and you're knocked inside the water by a move like Dough V move, you will take damage despite using Buddha V2.
    Buddha (36)

    If you face your camera down onto your player while in Shift/Transform mode, you can use your visual Buddha Rings as a reference. The Red area is the user's attack range, the Purple area is where NPCs notice you, and the small Yellow ring in the center is where the NPC can attack you. Over time this becomes more of second nature, but it's good to know specifics.

    • There is a glitch where Dark's Un-Awakened C move cannot hit you in transform mode.


    • Although the value is only Buddha (37) 1,200,000, the trading value of Buddha is on par with Mythical Fruits.
    • Dragon can have bigger damage reduction than Buddha, but Buddha's transformation lasts forever.
    • It's possible to stack Buddha with other fruits. If you transform while the fruit eating animation is still going on, you will keep the Buddha form with health buff and the skill of the fruit you eat. This glitch will disappear once you die or leave the game. Stacking fruits used to be much easier before Update 17.3.
    • Buddha used to give you extra health along with damage reduction, making Buddha more overpowered, but it no longer gives health buffs in order to balance Buddha.
    • This and Control are the only fruits that buff weapons.
    • Additionally, this is the only fruit that buffs Fighting Styles.
    • In Update 17, the Buddha speed glitch was patched.
    • In the update of January 6, at the same time when race awakenings were released, the developers nerfed Buddha fruit's M1 damage in PvP only by 27.5% in the Race V4 update. This balances the game mechanisms by a fraction and prevents Buddha users from spam-clicking and dealing a ton of damage to the opponent in PvP.
    • Buddha (38)
      If your character glitches and becomes a noob skin and uses the Z move (Transform/Shift), you won't be able to expand as big as a normal Buddha, but you can still use the moves of Buddha. However, they will aim very close (e.g., using Twilight of the Gods will make the beams aim under you), and you’ll also walk very slow and slowly drift. This glitch is rare, as your Roblox character needs to be glitched.
    • If you use the unawakened transform, then the awakened one while transformed using the Awakenings Expert, your Buddha might not be fully golden (purely visual).


    • The Chinese characters around it mean: 草 (grass), 体 (body), 心 (heart), 魂 (soul), 火 (fire), 水 (water), 風 (wind), and 岩 (stone).
    • Similarly, the symbols in the outer circle are derived from Elder Futhark runes, and they represent: ᛓ (wealth), ᚨ (god), ᚷ (gift), ᛖ (horse), ᛟ (heritage), ᛈ (pear-tree), ᛝ (the god Ingwaz), ᛗ (man), ᛢ (yew-tree), ᛉ (elk), ᛃ (good year), ᚹ (joy), ᛋ (sun), ᛞ (day), ᚱ (journey), and ᛒ (birch).
    • This fruit is one of the 13 fruits that glows in its physical form (the others being Light, Barrier, Love, Quake, Phoenix, Paw, Rumble, Gravity, Shadow, Spirit, Control, Venom, and Dragon).
    • Buddha V2 is one of the 11 fruits that deal damage on its F move. The other fruits that have this ability are Bomb, Rumble V2, Magma (V1 and V2), Phoenix V2, Portal, Venom, Smoke, Shadow, Dough V2, Leopard, and Blizzard.

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