Blox Fruits Haki (February 2023) - How to get it, upgrade it, and use it (2023)

Here's how to learn and master the mental powers of your favourite Blox Fruits Haki.

Blox Fruits Haki (February 2023) - How to get it, upgrade it, and use it (1)

Blox Fruits Haki (February 2023) - How to get it, upgrade it, and use it (2)

February 1, 2023: Just joining Blox Fruits for the V4 race awakening update? Check out the Haki info below, and then learn how to get Race V4 in Blox Fruits.

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Each Blox Fruits Haki plays a vital role in the pirate adventure on Roblox. These ability modifiers can either boost your stats by more than 25 percent or allow you to dodge more than ever before. Blox Fruits keeps the finer details away from the game's UI, so we've answered some of the most common Blox Fruits Haki questions down below.


Read on to find out what exactly a Blox Fruits Haki is, how to unlock each, and how to upgrade them. Be warned, though: some are costly, and both require a great deal of time to max out.

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What is a Blox Fruits Haki?

Blox Fruits Haki isn't some slang term for a way to cheat your way to the top of the Blox Fruits leaderboards. Although you will get stronger through the use of one, you won't get there without hard work.

Blox Fruits Haki (February 2023) - How to get it, upgrade it, and use it (3)

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A Blox Fruits Haki is a trainable buff that aids in your character's growth. Two of these are available right now: Observation (Ken) and Enhancement (Buso). The first, Ken, relates to how well you're able to automatically evade damage.Think of it like seeing bullets in slow motion.

The other, Buso, is a more offence-minded Haki that increases your character's strength and defence as it upgrades.


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How do I unlock Blox Fruits Haki?

Observation (Ken) Haki

To unlock the dodge-buffing Observation Haki, you need to reach level 300 and have killed the Saber Expert. Then, head up to the Upper Yard Second Area. It's the highest sky island in the game.

Find the Lord of Destruction NPC, give him 750,000 Beli, and you'll unlock Observation Haki. You can upgrade it to the superior V2 mode in the Third Sea.

Enhancement (Buso) Haki

Every player starts with the Bosu Haki. Upgrades aren't announced and you can't see the EXP your Bosu Haki has accumulated through play, which can make it look as if you don't have it.


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One way to know whether it's on or off is to look at how much of your entire body has been covered by it. The Bosu Haki covers more areas of the body as it levels up, starting with the arms before moving to the torso, head, and then moving down into the legs. This reserves if you happen to be using the Dark Step fighting style.

How do I train my Blox Fruits Haki?

You can train your Blox Fruits Haki the same way you train most skills and abilities in anime-inspired Roblox games.

As it's made for fighting, all you need to do is attack with your main melee weapons to increase the power of your Buso Haki. For the Ken Haki, you just need to dodge until it levels through the stages. This maxes out at Stage Seven but can go up to Stage Eight with V2 equipped.

And that should be everything you need to know about Blox Fruits Haki for the time being. Leveling each up is as simple as using them, but by combining certain types of fruits, you can come up with some unique ways to train them more quickly.


Ask around on each server to see if anyone has any good ideas on how to do so. They're always finding new and more interesting ways. Just think about getting an Auto Clicker either way. The grind is real.

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